What 50 Years of Experience looks like...

Partner vs Vendor

Black Dot Group creates true partnerships with our clients,
so their success is our success, with real-world effects such as reduced costs and improved schedules.


"Faster and Better" is the daily goal at Black Dot Group. Our Technical Solutions Team has been building software and workflows that keep our partners ahead of the competition for  over 50 years.

Award Winning Service

Our history of client awards demonstrates the importance we
place on the service and support of our partners. We make a habit of
going above and beyond, every day.



Black Dot Group's Digital Publishing Solution delivers the same high-quality, engaging content to all devices and platforms. Convert your existing print material to a fully interactive and connected experience, or have Black Dot Group build a new digital experience from your content.

Customized Data

and Print Solutions

In Black Dot Group's 50 years of experience building custom Data Management Solutions and all facets of traditional Premedia, we have always kept our clients on the leading edge of technology and automation.


From auto-versioning and
price validation of Catalogs
to online product 
management and EDI,
Black Dot Group has the
unique mix of knowledge
and skill to keep you ahead
of your competition.

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