Provide Valuable Data to Enterprise-wide Stakeholders

Manage Your Automotive Aftermarket
Parts Data With rEDItrak

Managing the attributes, specs, fitment and other critical data of your automotive parts just got easier with rEDItrak. Black Dot developed this specialized enterprise-wide service to meet the critical needs of our automotive customers. The SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution addresses all aspects of automotive parts – from fitment management to “push-button” PIES, ACES and PartsPro data submissions.

All stakeholders benefit from leveraging your data. Catalog/Data Managers, Marketing/Sales, Product Managers, Engineers and Demand Planners can quickly access data that pertains to their specific needs. You gain efficiencies, accuracy and insights into fitment, coverage, analysis, OE part equivalents and much more.

Capture, leverage and target your data. Foster synergies and explore opportunities

Web-based rEDItrak brings effective and consistent management to your part cataloging needs. Black Dot’s purpose-driven SaaS platform for the automotive industry is utilized by some of the largest parts manufacturers in the world.

rEDItrak can help you:

  • Simplify and merge the autonomous standards of AutoCare and NAPA

  • Create custom front and back end solutions for diverse groups and systems integration

  • Provide add-on modules including OE Part Management, NAPA, Competitive Interchange, and Coverage Analysis

  • Audit and purify data through all stages – from data entry to final data delivery

Choose an implementation based on your needs

Only use the rEDItrak features that you want. Since the service is completely customizable, add new modules and features whenever you want.

Use rEDItrak for:

  • OE Part Research – Plan and introduce new products

  • Competitive Interchange & Analysis – Understand coverage against OE and Competitors while considering VIO

  • Coverage Analysis – Understand coverage against OE and Competitors including VIO

  • NAPA Integration – Overcome the hurdles of NAPA’s unique data requirements

  • Data Auditing – Ensure customer satisfaction with clean, quality data

  • Data Delivery – Be confident your data delivery will meet the needs of governmental regulations, industry standards and internal recipients

Additional Services Tailored for You


Interactive Diagrams
Transform your static parts diagrams into fully interactive research and shopping tools. Our programmable link format adds structure and flexibility for integration with your website and distribution partners.

Competitor Research
Need additional internal resources to gather competitive part application information and other data? Expand your capacity by turning to Black Dot as a seamless extension to your market research staff.

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