Your Catalogs, Flyers, Sell Sheets and Other Collateral Expertly Produced

Quick and Efficient
Creative Design Production

Enhance your brand positioning and products with Black Dot’s award-winning creative services. Partner with us to manage your project from start to finish or let us supplement your internal staff resources.

Your Style Guide directives will be accurately adhered to so there is no need for additional design rework. Handing off projects at any point in production is easy – Black Dot uses the same industry standard software that you do.

Rely on our rich catalog production history to ensure your work is completed accurately, efficiently and professionally. We have the tools, staff and knowledge to help you with simple projects and extremely complex 1000+ page catalogs.

Automated Design – Expect Consistent, Fast and Accurate Results

To meet the ever-expanding requirements of our clients, Black Dot has developed extremely powerful proprietary software tools to significantly reduce production time. Your catalog or sell sheet project will be completed quicker. Our tools also ensure your information is accurate and consistent.

We work with your existing art files and any type of data you have available. Our team of experts can lead you through the process and help you achieve results that you never dreamed were possible.

Gain a competitive marketing advantage by:

  • Rapidly producing product-specific, versioned retail ads utilizing store inventory data and pricing.

  • Tackling large product catalogs with multiple versions in record time. Price products at the very last moment so workflow is streamlined. Ensure unparalleled data accuracy by auditing pricing to your POS data.
  • We will scrape product information from your website or use our own tools to provide web research for competitor’s data.

Your Resource For Seamless Integration

Large companies trust Black Dot to partner with their in-house teams. Our rich history of catalog production, pre-press, layout and design services has taught us valuable lessons. We endeavor to use the best tools for your specific project, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.

All aspects of your production process can be managed by Black Dot from start to finish – or interface with us at any stage of your project. During your peak workloads, rely on us to handle the execution of specific tasks. You can leverage our automated workflows to populate your established templates while your in-house group concentrates on other critical planning and creative efforts.

Technical Advantages

Black Dot’s extensive history of applying innovation to managing and manipulating data delivers unparalleled results for you.

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